Purpose of the Foundation

Seb himself visited Sudan, particularly the Mygoma orphanage, several times to provide supplies to the children (such as blankets, nappies, food etc.) on a modest scale.

He witnessed first-hand the unnecessary hardship endured by infants and children due to a lack of basic amenities and poor nutrition.  Following this trip, he immediately launched a fund-raising initiative to address some of the most basic and essential requirements of the Mygoma.

How will the Foundation carry out its purpose?

The Foundation intends to carry out its purposes primarily through fundraising to fund critical services, items and grants to local Sudanese organisations and charities seeking to support young people living in poverty in Sudan.  Most importantly, the foundation intends to prevent or relieve poverty in two specific ways:

(a) by seeking to help fund key equipment, supplies and services that Mygoma requires;

(b) by funding the building of wells in rural areas to provide the local populace with access to clean drinking water.

Since Seb’s passing, a dedicated team of Seb’s friends have visited the Mygoma and carried out with the support of specialists an extensive survey of the orphanage’s requirements. The foundation intends to execute the required works in a phased and documented approach and share Seb’s planned journey with you.

The funds raised will continue to improve the facilities at the Mygoma – including repair and maintenance of the air conditioning systems, washing machines, dryers, provision of drinking water tanks, and electrical works.