Seb’s Initiative

“Dear friends, My name is Seb Eubank, and I’d like to ask for your help. 

I am sponsoring one of Sudan’s very overcrowded and underfunded orphanages. Friends and I decided to take the orphans what we thought would be helpful, including soft blankets, nappies, wet wipes, some biscuits etc. But our efforts are not enough.  I posted on my Instagram, which can be found @sebeubank, a few short videos of my trip to the orphanage in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Immediately I was receiving messages asking how people could help and get involved. So I thought, why not make my first GoFundMe.  It’s a blessing to improve even one child’s life… But together we can do a lot more. 

£1 goes such a long way in Sudan you wouldn’t believe it! These children could desperately use our help.  What do they need? They need curtains to block out the intense sunlight and mosquito/fly nets. They need Arts and Crafts materials to make their creations to decorate their orphanage. 

The walls are ugly old tiles, and they need fun, vibrant nursery decor. Before we get them the tools to create, we must set up stations to create on! 

At the moment, they don’t even have tables and chairs to sit and create. They need learning tools, such as Posters, books, perhaps some small TVs to play educational videos and nursery channels. They need to venture outside of the orphanage and experience life, which means more adult supervision is required. They need regular human interaction and affection, and this is so important for a child to grow into a healthy, functional human being. They need sanitation and nutrient-dense food (which Sudan grows in abundance). More work volunteers and carers are required. 

Right now, there are about two ladies to every 20 children. And these poor women are on unimaginably low wages, which ultimately deprives the children of what they need. I personally will ensure ALL Your Loving donations go directly to improving the lives of these poor innocent children who are victims of very unfair circumstances. I will also give clear evidence, and updates on how the funds raised are critically utilised to help these beautiful babies and children.  

Thank you all so much.”